Our platform is designed to connect companies with all the key players in their supply chain in real time, from logistics operators to transporters and much more; to have a complete view from the moment an order is generated until its final delivery is made.

Inbound - Management and control of the Supply Plan

Integration with suppliers and transport companies. Assignment of drivers and units, unloading shifts, registration, and monitoring of receptions.

Outbound - Management and control of delivery planning

Integration with transport companies, logistics operators, and clients. Confirmation of shipments, assignment of drivers and units, coordination of cargo, register relevant events at cargo center, and monitoring departure and final delivery.

Transfers between centers – Management and Control

Assignment of transport companies, drivers, and units, register relevant events for company at loading and destination center.

Integration with satellite control companies

ETA calculation and visibility on map for units assigned to shipment, routes, and stops. +15 satellite control companies are already in connection with Rukas.

Automatic notifications and alerts

Customers, internal or external users, sending relevant information via Rukas for relevant events defined according to process model and desired communication

Driver integration

Mobile app to register defined & relevant events complementary to loading or unloading and tracking events.

Shipment finalization, news, administration of docs, and receipts scanning

From transport companies or operators. Tracking of envelopes via Rukas. More than 100 transport companies operate on Rukas and more than 20 logistics operators are integrated

Freight Rate Administration

Functionality for managing freight rates with transport companies, management of lists by state, communication and approval of agreements by transport companies, lists approval and validity.

Transportation costs

Shipment valuation and compliance or transport companies disagreement, giving visibility at proper time close to the shipment execution, avoiding delays and inefficiencies prior to settlement.

Shipment Additional Costs– Management and control of automatic and specific additionals costs

Cost, approval flow, and comments and notes as part of the functionality

Pre-settlement for Transport Companies – Management and control of pre-settlement and billing as a continuous flow of the process

Eliminates reconciliations between systems, possibilities of shortages, consistency problems, and duplication of tasks.

Returnable material management

Management and control of returnable materials by customer and transport company, management of vouchers, returns, and surrenders. Possibility of integrating pallet companies to the process flow.

Dangerous Goods management

Management and differentiation of shipments by type of goods for proper assignment according to product attributes. Rukas system operates with product details so identification is possible according to configuration.

Integration with Documental Control Systems

Eliminates data maintenance for transport companies, drivers, and units in Rukas and their corresponding enabled or disabled status in real time for assignment and Execution of shipments

Loading Preparation Control

Rukas integration to order preparation system at warehouse, giving visibility to the control tower on the loading status requiered for efficient loading and unloading shifts assignement

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