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Digital transformation is possible with Rukas

What is Rukas

The solution to integrate and optimize your company's logistics processes.

We offer an information service that guarantees the efficiency and visibility of the E2E process in a simple and friendly way. How? Through our open, secure, and collaborative software (Logistic Information Sharing System).

With our agile methodology, in just 2 months you will be able to deploy and integrate our technology into your company; always considering those who are part of your team and their habits, and actual business processes (organization culture)

Rukas is designed to simplify your logistics operations, giving control and insights necessary to make informed decisions and achieve success, plus positive impact on your organization’s P&L.

Benefits of Rukas

Online and real-time information
Time reduction
Costs reduction
Collaborative and effective communication
Process automation
Alerts and KPI management


With Rukas, you will achieve integration of real-time information that will enable collaborative management, both internal (users from different areas within company) and external (logistics operators, transport companies, other service providers, and clients) of your Supply Chain, thus configuring a single network with a diversity of solutions.
Discover them in detail
Inbound - Management and control of the Supply Plan

Integration with suppliers and transport companies. Assignment of drivers and units, unloading shifts, registration, and monitoring of receptions.

Outbound - Management and control of delivery planning

Integration with transport companies, logistics operators, and clients. Confirmation of shipments, assignment of drivers and units, coordination of cargo, register relevant events at cargo center, and monitoring departure and final delivery.

Transfers between centers – Management and Control

Assignment of transport companies, drivers, and units, register relevant events for company at loading and destination center.

Integration with satellite control companies

ETA calculation and visibility on map for units assigned to shipment, routes, and stops. +15 satellite control companies are already in connection with Rukas.

Automatic notifications and alerts

Customers, internal or external users, sending relevant information via Rukas for relevant events defined according to process model and desired communication

Driver integration

Mobile app to register defined & relevant events complementary to loading or unloading and tracking events.

Shipment finalization, news, administration of docs, and receipts scanning

From transport companies or operators. Tracking of envelopes via Rukas. More than 100 transport companies operate on Rukas and more than 20 logistics operators are integrated

Freight Rate Administration

Functionality for managing freight rates with transport companies, management of lists by state, communication and approval of agreements by transport companies, lists approval and validity.

About Us

Lucas Alvarez Bayón
  • Industrial Engineer UCA
  • Sales & Operation Planning – PURDUE University
  • SAP University Logistics Execution
  • Transformational Leadership – Jim Selman


Experience in senior management in multiple industries and recognized multinational companies, leading business strategy in the Supply Chain area. Extensive and diverse strategic and operational background with deep knowledge in logistics design, planning, and optimization.

Through strategic thinking, innovation, and collaboration he has developed and managed improvement programs, and deployed solutions in systems, technology, infrastructure, and processes, guiding the transformation of the End-to-end Supply Chain.

Ability to form and lead high-performance work teams, and develop strong relationships with partners, clients, and suppliers with a global understanding of business define his style.

Natalia Lardizabal
  • Graduate in Business Administration / Marketing
  • Graduate in Psychology UBA
  • Transpersonal Psychology Carl Jung Certification (Gestalt and organismic approach)
  • Bioenergy
  • Ayurveda, Theater and Vocal Harmonization Seminars


She is a change agent with solid experience in project management with a proven multicultural executive track record. Her practice is focused on improving performance through knowledge of the organization and its culture, process optimization, determination of the correct structure, and innovation in different areas of organizations.

Her experience includes planning, leading, and executing multiple transformation and improvement initiatives working with individuals at all levels of the organization.

Great ability to build relationships, resolve conflicts, and make decisions. She has deep clarity to transform complex concepts in a simple way and motivate work teams.

Martin Salas
  • Graduate in Foreign Trade (UCES)
  • Master in International Relations (FLACSO)
  • Postgraduate in Logistics (UBA)
  • Supply Chain Management and Planning Program (IAE Business School)
  • Maximizing Operational Effectiveness Executive Program (MIT Sloan School of Management)
  • Professor of Logistics & Supply Chain (UCA)


Outstanding track record in Supply Chain and Procurement areas on several companies, leading challenges at a local, regional, and global level with determination and excellence that has positioned him as a reference in the logistics field, where his commitment to excellence is reflected in notable achievements.

From his career, and with experience also managing logistics operators, he has managed businesses integrating the chain in its entirety.

His pragmatic approach, analytical skills, and comprehensive business vision along with his dedication, meticulousness, and perseverance make him an open, integrative, and results-oriented professional.

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